Felicia Chin’s Seen Naked by This Transparent Fashion

ArtistNews.info – Was she wearing nipple pasties? A flesh-coloured thong? Or did she – gasp – go commando?It was probably one of the most provocative and talked-about looks ever seen at the annual local TV awards ceremony to date.

Mr Wong said: “She has tried everything (for other award ceremonies) prior to this – other unconventional choices included a bra top and a graffiti skirt, as well as a short gown – so I wanted something different. This made her stand out, plus it suits her fun and bubbly personality.”

Chin herself had reservations when she first saw the eye-popping $11,000 dress during the fitting two weeks ago.

“When she tried it, she went, ‘Oh my God, I look naked. I don’t dare to wear this’,” Mr Wong recalled.

“But I encouraged her to try it anyway. Besides, she received plenty of compliments for it (during the fitting). That was when she decided to give it a go,” he added.  source

I really like the outfit but when the spotlight shone on me, I got a shock and didn’t know how my mum would react.


Felicia Chin’s Seen Naked by This Transparent Fashion | sentot | 4.5