Risqué Wedding Photos of Huang Xiaoming & Angelababy Emerge

ArtisNews – Aptly named “Wedding of the Century”, Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and Angelababy (楊穎) held their lavish fairytale wedding in Shanghai in 2015. The million-dollar wedding was the target of both criticism and admiration.

The new parents of “Little Sponge” did not go cheap on their wedding photos either. Sticking with their fairytayle theme, they glamoured up in royal couture and had romantic dates in Paris. The pictorial was sweet, innocent and whimsical.But it wasn’t the only photoshoot they did. A new set of wedding photos by Xiaoming and Angelababy have emerged on the Internet, and it’s everything but innocent.

In the new photos revealed last week, Xiaoming and Angelababy took on risqué shades, and donned much darker, sexier outfits. One photo has the couple lying under a drawing of a naked woman. Another photo features Angelababy taking on a dominatrix role while Xiaoming wore nothing else but an apron—perhaps they’re going for the naked apron trope?

Another photo sees Xiaoming and Angelababy taking on Mr. and Mrs. Smith—a bloody and scarred Angelababy has Xiaoming’s neck clamped between her thighs while she points a gun in his face.

Check out the sexy photos below!

source : JayneStars.com

Risqué Wedding Photos of Huang Xiaoming & Angelababy Emerge | sentot | 4.5